Another 5* review for Bug Island

Bug Island is now available on kindle HERE


New 5* review (of beta copy)

5.0 out of 5 stars Horror Lite for Young Readers, November 1, 2010
By BigAl (With Carmen Sandiego)
This review is from: Bug Island (Kindle Edition)

The author, an elementary school teacher in Australia sent me a review copy of Bug Island. Although it will stretch the vocabulary of some (a good thing) it is suitable for most kids of reading age and will also appeal to many adults. One of R.G. Cordiner’s talents is using nonsense words as sound effects. From reading aloud with my granddaughter I know that kids enjoy this and it’s excellent practice for sounding out unfamiliar words.

As with Mr. Cordiner’s previous books, “Bug Island” is a grand adventure. Although it would be classified in the horror genre, it is really more “horror lite”. It also has object lessons in responsibility to others, friendship, and teamwork that are valuable for everyone, but are especially well suited for its prime demographic.


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