Announcing my new project – Treasure Lost II

I am just about to send Alien Hunters: Discovery off to my beta readers (many thanks in advance) – and so I thought it was an opportune time to announce my next book – Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found.

Here is the blurb:

Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found

R.G. Cordiner


Should some treasure stay lost?


Brothers Peter and Farren thought that the adventure was all over.  They thought that they had earned their happily ever after.  They thought wrong.

In this nail biting conclusion to the series, the unexpected return of a member of their family leads Peter and Farren to set off on a quest for answers.  But they may not like what they discover.  Some things are better left buried.

On the way, they meet some familiar enemies, come face to tentacle with a giant squid, battle an army of Spanish Conquistadors and bump into the notorious pirate, Captain Redbeard.  Not to mention, the small matter of the fabled lost city of gold … El Dorado and of course, a smelly, blue parrot called Dodo.

Me? Me Chad.  You?  You dead!

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