Announcing – my next book

Here is the blurb from my next book – I am almost finished plotting and expect to start writing shortly – to be published next year:

Coming Soon:

Return of the Elementals
R.G. Cordiner

The problem isn’t mental, it’s elemental

Once there were four
The first drank but was never quenched
The second ran but never stopped
The third sang but was never heard
The fourth ate but was never full
They destroyed the world once
Pray that they rest forever more

Everyone knew the riddle, everyone had heard the stories, the whispers. The Elementals. Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Tales told to scare kids. Mythical monsters. Kara certainly had no time for them. Made up stories didn’t concern her. What bothered her were real life problems. Problems like a forest of spears pointing at her face. Of course, it didn’t help that they were being held by a group of skeletons.

The Kingdom was in danger of being overrun. Rumours were spreading that the undead were encroaching on the borders. Some had even heard whispers of a dragon sighting. Not a good time, therefore, to decide to wander into the aptly named Forest of Death. But then, timing wasn’t Kara’s strong point.
“I’m a wind elemental, of course I’ve got bad gas!”


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