Alien Hunters


Alien Hunters: Discovery

A lethal game of hide and seek …  with aliens.  Want to play?

In 1968 an alien spacecraft crash landed on Earth.  There were survivors.  Today, they walk amongst us, invisible in plain sight.  They could be your teacher, your friend or even …. YOU.  Everyone sees them as human.  Everyone, except two children.

Thomas and Katie were unaware that they could detect aliens until they were contacted by a secret organisation.  The Alien Hunters.  For years they have been training for this moment.  Now their fate is in the hands of two children who are faced with intense training, secret missions, some very freaky weapons and lots of slime.  Let the hunt begin.

“Hunting them doesn’t bother me.  Finding a giant, slime filled alien?  Yeh, now that bit bothers me.”


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