CW 2

Candy Wars II: Sweet Revenge

R.G. Cordiner

How far will you go to rescue a friend?

One year after their epic battles with the Candy King and the Tooth Fairies, James and Emily have a problem.  They are bored.  Normal life is just so … normal.  But they are soon faced with a bigger problem.  No one is collecting the teeth!  Mounds and mounds of teeth are just sitting there.  Soon a weak portal appears and James and Emily find themselves back in a world that they no longer recognise.  A desolate, ruined wasteland is all that remains of the island.  Who did this?  Is it the work of the Candy King?  What happened to all the Tooth Fairies and their friends?  And what creature is lurking in the sand?  James and Emily are about to embark on their most amazing adventure yet, one they will be lucky to survive.

“Candy King?  Ha!  He is a sweetie compared to me!”


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