Candy Wars

Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs The Candy King

You may not like your sister, but are you really going to fight a war against her?

James and Emily never get on – always fighting and arguing! But when James wakes up one night as his tooth is stolen by a jelly monster he follows it into a weird and wonderful world. Chocolate archers come out of the walls and fly in bubble gum balloons, giant rock candy trolls roam around, icing sugar snowmen appear and disappear, all under the direction of the Candy King who is preparing a war against the tooth fairies! Soon Emily and their cat Muffins find themselves joining the fairies, with only a toothless dragon and a phoenix with hay fever to help them fight the mighty Candy Army!

“The Candy King is waiting for you.”

US/AUS: Available on Kindle, and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace

UK: Available on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon

International: Also available in paperback at The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping).


  • The name Simur came from the Ancient Persian word Simurgh which means … phoenix
  • The cat Muffins is based on my three cats, but mainly Duke.
  • The tooth fairies live on an island – there are many other islands that exist

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  1. Posted by Elbereth Finch-Walton on May 8, 2011 at 4:17 am

    Howdy Robert, how are ya? All good me hopes. I’m wrapped for you and your initiative and motivation and your inspiration. Anyway, I shall read all of your stuff and get back to you. Jeeze Robert, SO GOOD for you & your readers. Wonderful that you’ve delved into the realm of literature for children. As we all know, it is actually for EVERYone, yah? Till next we communicate, take care and all the best to you and yours… Love, your only older cousin, Elbe XXxx


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