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Treasure Lost II finished – released soon

Finished Treasure Lost II – just in final edits and adjustments.   Ebook and paperback should be live in the next two days!!   Thanks for all of your support!

PS – I will be announcing my next title in the next two days as well – stay tuned


Treasure Lost II special preview

Here it is!  Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found is almost done!!  Should be live before the end of this month!  As a treat I have included below a special sneak preview of the start of the book.  SPOILER ALERT – do not read if you haven’t read Treasure Lost I!!!


Obviously, the text may change slightly in the final copy – haven’t finished final edits yet – so apologies in advance if there are any errors.


RG Cordiner


Treasure Lost II preview

Treasure Lost II getting there

Hey guys

Almost a third of the way through Treasure Lost II. Hoping to have it finished by mid June.

I will post an excerpt from the prologue shortly to whet your appetite.


Getting there

Well it may not sound like much but two days writing in a row is an accomplishment these days.  Been a big,hard year so it has been good to get ahead with Treasure Lost II. Have some ideas regards my next book which will be a new title before I return to candy wars III.  I’m thinking that the next book will have something to do with superheroes.  But we will see.  Slowly does it.  Hopefully this year will be a more productive writing year and I’m looking forward to finishing Treasure Lost II in the coming months.

Treasure Lost II update


Hey all,


After a short break from writing, I am now back in the chair ready to resume Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found. It will be the last book in the series. As indicated in the “Next” section – Alien Hunters and Bug Island also have one more concluding sequel. Candy Wars has many more that I can think of. After Treasure Lost II, I will most likely write a new book – I am trying to continue in the new book, sequel, new book, sequel pattern for the moment.


Prologue is finished – stay tuned and. all things going well, I will post it in the coming weeks.


Yours in writing,



Treasure Lost II cover

I am still completing the Alien Hunters: Discovery cover – but here is the Treasure Lost II cover art and the combined I and II Treasure Chest art:

Announcing my new project – Treasure Lost II

I am just about to send Alien Hunters: Discovery off to my beta readers (many thanks in advance) – and so I thought it was an opportune time to announce my next book – Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found.

Here is the blurb:

Treasure Lost II: Treasure Found

R.G. Cordiner


Should some treasure stay lost?


Brothers Peter and Farren thought that the adventure was all over.  They thought that they had earned their happily ever after.  They thought wrong.

In this nail biting conclusion to the series, the unexpected return of a member of their family leads Peter and Farren to set off on a quest for answers.  But they may not like what they discover.  Some things are better left buried.

On the way, they meet some familiar enemies, come face to tentacle with a giant squid, battle an army of Spanish Conquistadors and bump into the notorious pirate, Captain Redbeard.  Not to mention, the small matter of the fabled lost city of gold … El Dorado and of course, a smelly, blue parrot called Dodo.

Me? Me Chad.  You?  You dead!