Treasure Lost II getting there

Hey guys

Almost a third of the way through Treasure Lost II. Hoping to have it finished by mid June.

I will post an excerpt from the prologue shortly to whet your appetite.


Getting there

Well it may not sound like much but two days writing in a row is an accomplishment these days.  Been a big,hard year so it has been good to get ahead with Treasure Lost II. Have some ideas regards my next book which will be a new title before I return to candy wars III.  I’m thinking that the next book will have something to do with superheroes.  But we will see.  Slowly does it.  Hopefully this year will be a more productive writing year and I’m looking forward to finishing Treasure Lost II in the coming months.

Back in the chair

It has been a busy year – buying/selling/moving house, sick animals and work.  So I am now finally ready to finish off Treasure Lost II and then start my new book.  Off to write!!

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The London Olympic Stadium is 53 meters high. This blog had about 500 visitors in 2012. If every visitor were a meter, this blog would be 9 times taller than the Olympic Stadium – not too shabby.

Click here to see the complete report.


I’ve had a rethink regarding sequels for my books.  I’ve updated the Next tab to reflect this – there will not be a sequel for Bug Island or Alien Hunters.  Treasure Lost II will hopefully done by the end of January and it will be the last in the series.  I have an exciting new concept for my next book – more later and then will start Candy Wars III.


New Candy Wars review


5.0 out of 5 stars Cute book, October 9, 2012


Ellen Valinotti “isabellasmommy” (Port Monmouth, NJ)

This review is from: Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs The Candy King (Kindle Edition)

Candy Wars has been circulated through my entire home. So far a 10, 9, 7, and 6 year old have all taken turns reading it. It’s very cute and an easy fun read. Definitely a good way to get young readers reading.


8,238.  That’s how  many books I’ve sold so far.  It still blows my mind.  Candy Wars is the most popular book I’ve written so far.  Many thanks to all my readers for your support!!!



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